Best Steroids Combo for Beginners

Best Steroids Combo for Beginners

Overview of Anabolic Steroids:

Athletes and bodybuilders need to remain fit and healthy either for any upcoming competition or just for their overall health. They look for ways to buy steroids UK for this purpose. The type of steroids which are best suited for such fitness freaks are known as anabolic and androgenic steroids which are synthetic form of natural testosterone which is produced in the body of both men and women. Anabolic steroids help to increase the levels of testosterone in the body which not only helps to improve the performance by giving more strength but also aids in building strong and hard muscles. Such types of anabolics can either be mild or can be extremely toxic. Due to this it is best to consult a doctor or a professional before using any kind of anabolic steroid. 

Purpose of using Anabolic Steroids:

There are several reasons due to which many people use anabolic and androgenic steroids. Some of these are listed below:

  1. For bodybuilders, anabolic drugs provide enormous strength.
  2. Athletes and bodybuilders can get competitive edge over others by using such drugs.
  3. There are certain types of anabolics which help to enhance protein synthesis.
  4. The deficiency of red blood cells can also be treated by using such types of medicines.
  5. These types of drugs are best for improving the bone mineral density.
  6. Many of the anabolic drugs can be effective in cutting excess amount of fat from the body.
  7. These steroids also help to improve endurance.
  8. Faster recovery from any injury and physical training is possible by using such kinds of drugs.

Side effects of anabolic steroids:

While the anabolic steroids UK provide a number of benefits, they can also lead to side effects as well. Due to this it is advised to follow the proper dosing guidelines while taking them to avoid any adverse outcomes. Side effects of anabolic drugs are as follows:

  1. One of the common side effect includes hair fall which can also lead to baldness.
  2. Another common side effect associated with the use of anabolics is acne or popping up of pimples.
  3. A serious side effect involves heart clogging.
  4. In some extreme cases, potent steroids can cause growing of tumors in liver.
  5. Some toxic kinds of drugs can make a person more aggressive and angry which can strain the heart as well.
  6. In some cases, there is a risk of hormonal imbalance as well.
  7. Women who use potent forms of the anabolic drugs can suffer from a condition in which they develop masculine features involving the growth of unwanted hairs on the body and change in voice.
  8. Men can suffer from enlarged breasts.
  9. If potent forms of anabolic steroids are used by men for a long time, it can cause the testicles to shrink in size and may also reduce the sperm count which can lead to infertility.
  10. In women there are a chance that the size of breasts can shrink.

Best types of Steroids for Beginners:

Beginners who are new to the world of steroids need to be more cautious of what they are using and in what quantity. Even a slight wrong dosage can lead to serious side effects. It is therefore advised that the beginners should take anabolic drugs under the supervision of any experienced individual and to monitor their health regularly. In order to stay away from side effects which can arise as a result of using potent forms of steroids, it is best for the beginners to consume natural alternatives which are legal, safe and easily available without any prescription. Some of the steroid for beginners include the following:

1. Anavar

Anavar is another safe form of steroid which can be used by the beginners. It helps when a person intends to lose fat from the body and is also somewhat helpful in giving muscle gains. Due to it being a less potent steroid, females can also use it without developing any male characteristics. 

2. Dianabol

Beginners who want to grow their muscles and make them lean can use Dianabol for this purpose. This steroid is best to be used by newbies. For beginners, it is recommended to start taking Dianabol from the low dose of 10 mg a day and increase the dose after some time when they think that their body has adjusted to the drug. 

3. Deca durabolin

This is a type of anabolic drug which is best when a beginner intends to gain muscles or build them. The reason that Deca Durabolin is best suited for beginners is the fact that it is a slow acting compound which means that it does not enter fast in the body. This then causes few side effects. This steroid is also prescribed by doctors to such patients who suffer from issues related to bones and joints. 

Combination of steroids effective for beginners:

Beginners can also use a combination of anabolic steroids which can lead to more pronounced or visible result with less harm to them. There are certain steroids for sale which are best suited for this purpose. Some of the combinations include the following:

1. Anavar and testosterone cycle

This type of combination is safe for newbies and can guarantee muscle gains with fat loss within a period of six weeks. In such a cycle or combination, the dose of anavar should be 15 mg a day for the first three weeks and then increased to 20 mg for the next three weeks. While the dose of testosterone for first two weeks should be 200 mg which then can be increased to 350 mg maximum in the last two weeks of the cycle. 

2. Deca and testosterone:

In such a type of stack, the dose of deca should be 200 mg per week along with 200 mg of testosterone to be taken per week. Such a cycle can be run for a period of twelve weeks with fewer side effects. 

3. Deca and Dianabol:

In this combination, the dose of deca should be 200 mg a week and the dose of Dianabol should be 25 mg a day. Such type of stack has proved to be effective for a lot of people and should be run for a period of eight weeks. 

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