Can I take Dianabol as a pre-workout Supplement?

Can I take Dianabol as a pre workout Supplements?


The following topic discusses different medications used as a supplemental aid prior to work out or during the training sessions to aid in achieving whatever target they have set. Attaining physical fitness is among the major goals to achieve in the modern era. Where awareness regarding having a healthy body is among major individual goals. People linked with the athletic or sports field and bodybuilders or professional wrestlers need to have a certain body type to perform their respective professional tasks, different drugs are used for example they buy Dianabol as supplemental help to facilitate the process of certain body type achievement. In the following article discussion on the above mention drug will be in detail with regards to the pre-workout supplement.


Dianabol is the trade or brand name of the Metandienone or also called as methandrostenolone. Dbol belongs to the category of drug known as AAS, the abbreviation is androgenic anabolic steroids. This class of steroids are basically for improving muscle mass thus this drug is widely favored by the bodybuilding community and they widely buy Dianabol UK for the bulking cycles. It is for enhancing the lean body mass, endurance, and physical strength, overall agility and flexibility improves as muscle toning occurs.


The basic principle on which Dianabol works is that it shows the androgenic effect as it is AAS. Dianabol steroid burns the fat through increment in the testosterone levels in the body and accelerating the process of amino-acid synthesis. Which causes protein production that results in increase muscle growth hence, causing bulking of muscles and lean body mass. This medication ensures to retain the surplus amount of nitrogen in the body and as nitrogen is the integral part of amino acids that is the building block of proteins hence more nitrogenous retention is harbored by the tissues of muscle, where that excess nitrogen converts into proteins ultimately those proteins become a part of that muscle hence overall muscular portion increases.

As the muscle becomes enlarged the endurance increases allowing the body builder to spend more time working out, further strengthening the muscle. The energy reserves in the form of Glycogen that is present in the liver and muscles is converted back to glucose. Hence, the energy level increases and fitness training time increases at gym as endurance of the body has increased manifold.


Availability of this steroid in the market is in two forms:

  • Tablet or pills

The first availability of this steroid was in pill form making it a popular choice among the athletes. As intake was easy and distribution was quick.

  • Injections in the form of intra-muscular injectables.


Dianabol is used under the following circumstances:

  • By athletes
  • Dianabol for body-building
  • Muscular atrophy to regain strength and tone.
  • Muscle dysmorphia related to the abnormalities in shape of muscles.


Bulking cycle is a Phenomena. Where a certain type of drug is taken in a certain starting or initial dose and then that loading dose is for a certain number of days and then the dosage is increased on daily basis or after a given time period to achieve the effect. Meanwhile, strict supervision is done to check out for the complications or the un-desired effects. The starting dose usually consists of taking 5 milligrams of tablet three times a day. Or TDS and the dosage can be increased up to 25 to 30 milligrams per day provided less occurrence of side effects.


Along with the benefits also comes the adverse effects and different studies have shown that the risks involved have out-numbered the benefits of using this anabolic steroid. It is banned in most of the countries and sold in the black market. The risks and complications after using Dianabol in men are as follows:

  • Increased chances to develop prostate malignancies
  • Gynecomastia
  • Infertility
  • Shrunken testes
  • Mood swings
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • High blood pressure
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Hyper-lipidemia
  • Cerebro-vascular accidents
  • Blood clotting leading to strokes 
  • alopecia

The risks involvement has greatly outnumbered the benefits and the benefits are very short term in the first few weeks. After that if continuation is done it leads to the above-mentioned complications thus it is black-listed in almost all of the countries across the globe. Healthier and relatively safer alternatives are out there in the markets and should be taken after proper consultation.


Dianabol is among the most rapidly acting anabolic steroid. Hence it was immensely popular among athletes and the bodybuilders. But the risk factors involved are now the main reason for the discouragement by the medical practitioners. It was also the first steroid to be legalized and sold commercially, the popularity was quite immense till the year 1985. But then after the complications occurring afterward, the use was not favored and the legal action against its manufacturers and sellers was taken. And now completely banned as it was causing life-threatening complications.


Health professionals generally don’t encourage to take anabolic steroids. But to ensure fit and toned body athletes do take anabolic steroids in the form of pills or injections. And they use the drug alone or in combination with other drug called combos or stacks to facilitate the process of fat burning and muscle development. Some individuals even with enough fitness training and a specific calorie diet are unable to produce a certain body type so they refer to such drugs to facilitate themselves.

The drug Dianabol is black listed but still, people tend to use it by purchasing through the black market or underground vendors. To reap the effects of increase in muscle mass and endurance in short period of time, but it should not be used as it is no longer prescribed. One should always refer to a doctor, nutritionist or a classified fitness expert. Who will prescribe some other form of medication with a higher safety index margin. That will ensure attainment of a muscular body with fewer health risk involved.

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