Frequently Asked Questions?

Can we rely on Customer Services?

Ans: of Course, our customer services are available to assist you with all your concerns related to buying steroids online. They will demonstrate the highest level of customer service and resolve all issues with a win-win situation. Even after a conflict, our team still tries to find a solution at all cost.

Are you budget friendly?

Ans: Definitely, once you decide to buy steroids online, we always have a surprise ready for you. You will find almost all products at our online store, pocket friendly. So that people from all walks of life can access these products.

How many types of steroids are available at your online store?

Ans: We have almost all brands of steroids available with us. Whether they are oral steroids or injectable steroids. You can buy steroids from our website at very nominal rates.

Do you recommend buying steroids without a medical prescription?

Ans: We never entertain orders of buying steroids online without medical prescription. Since over dozing or wrong medicine can cause severe health problems. Therefore it is highly recommended to consult a highly skilled physician before you decide to order steroids online.

What can be the possible side effects of steroids?

Ans:You may face severe health issues if steroids are used without prior consultation. This may include increased appetite, weight gain, mood swings, increased hair growth, blurred vision etc. All these issues can be avoided by consulting a doctor before purchase.

What if I want to amend my contact details after placing an order online?

Ans: We will be very glad to assist you with your query related to above. All you need to do is to contact our helpline, they will send you a form to amend your contact details, the steroids ordered online will be dispatched to you accordingly. 

What about shipping and handling charges if we are ordering from outside your country?

Ans: The shipping and handling charges depend upon the country of residence and value of your online order. If the product is subjected to custom duties and other applicable charges, the customer will be responsible to pay the charges.

If my order is lost or delayed for sometime, what should i do?

Ans: Orders are considered as lost, if not received by the customer, 28 days after dispatching the shipment. However , unforeseen circumstances can also lead to further delays, therefore we cannot start an investigation until a reasonable amount of time has passed. It is the responsibility of the customer to contact our helpline enabling us to start probing into the matter.

What are the methods to treat steroid abuse?

Ans: Antidepressant, analgesics and behavioural therapy are some of the treatment methods involved. In some cases, more intense treatment and hospitalization is required. Moreover, endocrine therapies to restore functions in patients suffering from depression.

Is it suitable for teens to use steroids?

Ans : We never recommend the use of steroids by teens. For example, males using steroids in their teens are more vulnerable to health issues as compared to males using steroids in their adulthood. Teens show increased impulsivity and decreased attention. They become hyper very easily and ready to fight every now and then.

Which kind of steroids are more beneficial? Oral or Injectable?

Ans: The main benefit of steroids purchased online is to decrease pain and enhance function. Steroid injections are often used to reduce muscle inflammation and help preserve joint structure and function. Similarly, oral steroids can reduce the signs of inflammation such as asthma, arthritis and skin rashes. Thus both are beneficial to health if used as prescribed by a qualified physician.