How much Anavar and Clen is required to get ripped?

How much Anavar and Clen is required to get ripped?

What does it mean to get ripped?

Ripping is a way by which bodybuilders and athletes lose their body fat in order to make their muscles more prominent. For this reason, they look to buy steroids UK designed solely for this purpose. There are a number of steroids which can help you get ripped in a short period of time. 


Anavar is a human version of oral anabolic androgenic steroid which is the brand name of oxandrolone and is one of the popular steroids among bodybuilders. This steroid provides enough nitrogen to the muscles, enhances their recovery and improves protein synthesis. All this in turn helps bodybuilders to get hard muscles. This steroid controls or maintains the level of insulin in the body which plays an important role in burning extra fat. Anavar steroid is considered to be one of the most powerful drugs which can be stacked with other steroids to get maximum benefits. This steroid is also helpful to those who have seen a reduction in their weight caused as a result of any underlying medical condition or sickness and want to regain it. This steroid is similar in functioning to the testosterone which is found in the human body. Anavar helps in the development of muscle tissue thereby making it stronger. 

Benefits of Anavar

There are a number of benefits which are linked with the intake of Anavar. These include:

  1. Responsible for muscle tissue growth.
  2. Used by people who cannot gain weight due to certain illnesses.
  3. Its side effects are not harsh.
  4. Muscle loss can be decreased by taking this medicine.
  5. It helps to reduce pain mainly in bones which is caused as a result of bone related diseases
  6. It is used by bodybuilders to enhance their performance
  7. Its less potent than other steroids.
  8. Makes you lose weight while at the same time helps to grow muscle to give a shredded look.

Side effects of Anavar

Some of the side effects associated with this drug include:

  1. Hair loss.
  2. Changes in sexual interest which can either increase or decrease.
  3. Changes in the color of skin.
  4. Oily skin which results in acne.
  5. Diarrhea.
  6. Difficulty sleeping.
  7. Swelling in upper and lower extremities e.g. feet and ankles.
  8. Shortness of breath.


Clenbuterol, also known as Clen, is mainly described as a substance which falls under the category of beta2- adrenoceptor agonist meaning that this substance can help to relax airway muscle thereby making it easier to breathe. It is an effective solution for those who suffer from breathing disorders. Clen can also be used to reduce extra amount of fat which is deposited in the body thus aiding in weight loss. It also acts as a bronchodilator and decongestant. It was mainly produced for curing respiratory issues in animals. This drug is illegal for personal consumption in the US as it is a potent drug. It is one of the most popular and demanding drugs by bodybuilders who generally use it before their competitions to cut down their weight and get a trimmed look. This is the reason despite being illegal or banned for personal use, people look for different means to buy Clenbuterol or buy Clen

Benefits of Clenbuterol 

Clen offers its users steroid like effects and comes with a number of benefits which in turn make fitness freaks to purchase Clenbuterol UK. Benefits include:

  1. Suppresses appetite.
  2. It possesses less androgenic side effects.
  3. Can be used by those who are obese to lose weight rapidly.
  4. Increases the rate of metabolism.
  5. Can cure chronic breathing problems.
  6. Can be used to enhance performance in sportsmen.

Side effects of Clenbuterol

UK steroids although are famous among bodybuilders and athletes, they come with a number of side effects. But an important point that should be kept in mind is that every person won’t face such side effects. There are many people who use such steroids but don’t face side effects at all or come across fewer side effects. Some people have also reported a number of side effects by taking clenbuterol. These include:

  1. Tremors.
  2. Increased breathing.
  3. Heart rate increases.
  4. Difficulty while urinating due to pain.
  5. Gynecomastia in men which results in development of male boobs.
  6. Water or fluid retention.
  7. Anxiety.
  8. Bowel movements that are frequent.
  9. Insomnia or difficulty with sleeping.
  10. Increases the level of blood sugar.

Anavar and Clenbuterol for getting ripped

Getting ripped is one of the important traits in the field of bodybuilding. This gives them a strong and hard body look. Getting ripped means that bodybuilders lose weight while at the same time have muscular physique. They adopt different methods to do so which includes eating enough protein while avoiding or reducing the intake of fat, eating in calorie deficit etc.

But this can also be done by the use of certain steroids which help to achieve this purpose of ripping faster. Now when it comes to getting a ripped physique Anavar’s name comes on the top of the list. This steroid can be effectively used to cut or trim down extra weight and at the same time give a muscular appearance. It acts as a diuretic meaning it flushes excess water out of the muscles and stores it in muscle cells to give a crisp appearance. Same is the case with Clenbuterol as it helps to increase the muscle mass while at the same time aids in weight loss. Which is possible only due to increased metabolism rate. Clen acts fast in the body and helps to achieve the target of losing weight quickly. Although there is a long list of steroids for sale which can help to trim down fat. But for those who need to do it quickly like athletes and bodybuilders, Clen is best option for them.

Anavar and Clenbuterol dose for losing weight

It should be noted that the dose of Anavar will be different for beginners and advanced users. Same is the case with Clenbuterol. Some factors need to be kept in mind while deciding the proper dosage. These include prior experience with anabolic steroids, are other steroids stacked with current steroids. What is the current weight and what are your goals. For example, if you have prior experience with the intake of steroids for getting a ripped physique, the next time you intend to do so, you will have to take high doses of the steroid in order to make it effective. But for someone who has no experience before, he will get the desired results of developing a muscular body with even a low dose. But the recommended dose of Anavar is 30 mg to 50 mg which needs to be taken for a period of up to eight weeks. However if it is stacked with other steroids, then the dose is lowered to 20 mg to 30 mg for few weeks. 

How to start clen cycle

As Clenbuterol is a potent substance, it is generally recommended to start with a low dose as one would achieve the desired outcome of having a ripped physique even on low doses of Clenbuterol. Athletes or bodybuilders prefer to use 60 mg to 120 mg of Clen everyday. Moreover it can also be stacked with other steroids to lose weight but this practice should only be followed by professionals. 

Stacking of Clenbuterol and Anavar

Together clen and Anavar create a powerful stack which is helpful in cutting cycles. This stack can even be used by women athletes or bodybuilders who want to burn fat and get enhanced physique at the same time. However, it is recommended to take each steroid alternatively after every week. In this stacking cycle it is advised to start clen with low doses and then increase it up to 120 mg while Anavar should be increased to 50 mg in this stacking cycle. Due to enormous benefits which can be obtained from these two steroids, it is recommended to buy Clenbuterol UK and buy Anavar UK to get ripped within a short time period. 

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