The Good Reasons to Use Steroids

The Good Reasons to Use Steroids

Steroids – the artificial form of the naturally produced hormones in the human body act as a catalyst for muscle growth and size. The advent of steroids mainly came in the pharma and sports industry. Pharmacists endorsing it for medical purposes and athletes endorsing it as well as using it on themselves to touch their physical extremes. Whatever the reason may be, the criteria to use them is widely debated or rather disputed. Different stances of different industry people regarding their usage is always in the news. In the medical industry, their use is merely limited to treating certain medical conditions with, of course, doctor’s consent. Although side effects which incurs to patients using them is also something widely debated, it’s more like weighing pros against cons and for a bigger good, i-e, patient’s health.

Use Of Steroids In Fitness & Sports:

Now when it comes to the fitness industry, the use of steroids is often associated with bodybuilding and weightlifting. However, other sports also see their use and penetration but not to the extent that bodybuilding has taken them to. Athletes try to achieve their best physical fitness for various sporting events and competitions. Be it swimming, weightlifting, bodybuilding, rugby or any other contact sport, the use of steroids has often come up. Sometimes emerging as a controversy and sometimes as a catalyst of best performance by an athlete. So, why do people take steroids is a question which is way more than just terming it as, is it right? Or is it wrong?

Why Do People Take Steroids?

After analyzing their advent into both industries, i-e, medical and fitness industry, one thing is pretty clear and that is, in the medical industry their use is subject to patient’s health condition and doctor’s prescription. But when it comes to fitness, it’s more like a matter of personal choice with no third person or medical condition forcing you to take them. So, it’s completely through your own thought process and state of mind. Why do people take steroids in the world of sports, especially bodybuilding and weightlifting, is because of the unparalleled popularity of the sport and athletes. Nowadays, various sporting events are so over the top and huge in their entirety that people becoming a part of it are no less than icons. With a huge fan following across the globe, every athlete try his or her best to win prestigious titles like World Championship, Olympia etc. For that they try to push themselves as hard as they can and don’t shy away from using any such unnatural help like steroids. 

Is It Good Or Bad?

The motivation of why do people take steroids is pretty much understood. So now the million-dollar question would be, is it good or is it bad? The answer to this lies in the individual’s perspective and passion. I doubt that any athlete before using them hasn’t asked himself or herself, should I take steroids? If we dive into both perspectives for a moment, then we can fairly establish that people who are using them don’t think much about the bad aspects of using steroids. They are so driven by their passion that they only see the good aspects of using it. So, if you’re an athlete competing with the best of the world for a glorious title, you’ll definitely term their use as good. But if you think of the long-term effects of using them, I doubt that it will be a straight-forward answer. So, the best outcome would be that it’s a matter of personal choice because at the end of the day it’s your life. So, you can buy steroids UK if you think it would be worth it.

Why Do Steroids Have Bad Reputation:

When someone says he or she is taking steroids, the first thing which comes to our mind is, oh, that person is into sports or bodybuilding. This, however, is not the case. Any individual who is on medicine or taking a prescribed drug is on a lighter form of steroids as well. It’s just that the word steroid has been stereotyped with bodybuilders. The bad reputation which is often associated with steroids is definitely due to bodybuilding where an athlete pushes all the limits of becoming a bigger and bulkier person on the stage. Hence, substance abuse becomes like a habit. Bodybuilders touch those extremes but often forget how it’s taking a toll on their body and natural hormonal balance within the body. Young athletes dying by overdoing it is the root cause of why steroids have this bad reputation. When you look at this kind of picture then it becomes fairly simple to answer this question – Are steroids bad for me?


Finally, if you try to weigh the perspectives, i-e, goods of using steroid against bad, you’ll come to know that it’s totally up to the person’s discretion who’s taking it other than for medical reason. Any such substance comes with a definite warning and a clear direction or prescription. Try to avoid that warning and you’re inviting trouble and may end up on the shady side of things. So, if you do want to use it then remember – Use it, not abuse it.

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