What are some foods that increase testosterone?

What are some foods that increase testosterone?

Testosterone is the male sex hormone and its production is very essential for both men and women to keep their health in a good condition. Men, when they come to know that they are feeling down or cross the age of 35, they start taking other supplements or add some foods that help increase the levels of testosterone in their bodies. Some people even begin to take steroids that are made to boost the level of testosterone so they buy steroids in the UK for the same purpose. Many companies provide online steroids and many people buy steroids online in order to acquire the best health goals.

In this article, we will tell you about some natural foods that are easily available anywhere around you at the grocery stores and you can eat them without any fear of having side effects afterward.

What are the foods that increase the level of testosterone in the body?

While knowing the significance of testosterone for both men and women, how and how much they are being produced in the bodies, and what steps one should take to boost the level on their own. Below are the foods that can increase the level of testosterone naturally without taking any other supplements.

· Oyster:

Since zinc is very important for sperm health and to maintain other reproductive systems. Males who have severe deficiency of zinc suffer hypogonadism and experience impotence including delayed sexual maturation can use oysters. Oysters contain larger amounts of zinc than any other food. They may help you overcome all the problems related to the decreased testosterone level and other problems related to men. So start taking oysters and boost testosterone production.

· Ginger:

A very common vegetable is available easily and it has been used for decades for medicinal and culinary purposes. According to modern research, ginger plays an important part in improving fertility in men. A ginger supplement, if taken daily, can increase testosterone levels by 17.7% in 3 months. In the same way, ginger is good to increase the sperm count as well.

Other foods like shellfish, red meat, poultry or chicken and nuts, etc. are also good for the same purposes.

· Green Vegetables:

All the green vegetables with leaves like spinach are rich in magnesium. Magnesium is also a very important mineral to increase testosterone levels in the body. If an individual takes magnesium supplements for a good 4 weeks, then he can surely observe a drastic increase in testosterone level. In a study in 2011, some inactive participants were given magnesium supplements along with athletes (without magnesium) who just did workouts. After a month, the results were unbelievable, as in the inactive participants the testosterone had increased incredibly whereas the athletes did not show any rise. Other than some green vegetables, the source of magnesium may include lentils and beans, nuts and seeds, and whole grains.

· Pomegranates:

Pomegranates are also an old symbol for increasing fertility and sexual functionality along with their antioxidant levels also improving cardiac health and reducing stress. Other than this, pomegranate also improves mood swings and blood pressure.

If you want to boost testosterone levels in your body, drink pure pomegranate juice for 2 weeks and see the amazing results. This remedy is useful for both men and women.

· Onions:

According to research in 2012 on a rat model, fresh onion juice for 4 weeks can also boost testosterone levels. Onions also have other health benefits such as they support heart problems and slimming the waistline.

· Stimulated Plant Extract/Milk:

It is one of the essential nutrients which boost the testosterone level in men. However, the sun is the biggest and cheapest source of getting Vitamin D, but in summers it is really difficult to spend much time outside. Plant milk like almond, soy, and flax can fulfill 25% of the person’s body requirement. However, it is better to check the labeling to make sure if the milk really contains the ingredients you need to drink. Other than the above-mentioned products, you can also get desired outcomes from other dairy products, orange juice, and cereals, etc.

· Fish Oil or Fatty Fish

The doctors suggest that people must eat seafood twice a week such as fatty fish. It is very beneficial by being rich in Omega-3 amino acids. These foods can give an immediate boost in testosterone levels. Some other fish that are rich in Omega 3 amino acids are herring, salmon, Atlantic mackerel and trout, etc.

· Eggs:

Egg is a natural food that is rich in protein, healthy fat, magnesium and is an antioxidant as well. By adding eggs to your routine diet plan you can easily get increased testosterone levels. If you feel you are allergic to eggs, then taking only egg whites will be more than enough.

· Extra-Virgin Olive Oil:

This oil has several dietary benefits some of the most highlighted ones are, they reduce the risk of cardiac diseases and cancer. This oil is rich in vitamin E and is an antioxidant as well. This is one of the best sources of improving men’s reproductive health as according to a study, olive oil increases the level of testosterone in healthy adult men. Moreover, it also helps in increasing the luteinizing hormone that activates the cells in the testicles and eventually increases testosterone production. All the above-mentioned foods are easy to purchase and should be eaten more often to avoid any health-related issues and to increase the natural testosterone level in the body. People instead of eating food that is full of energy and minerals etc. mostly buy steroids and think that these are a better source of increasing testosterone. However, the truth is that artificial sources can never be the same as natural sources. Therefore, it is better, if you want to maintain your health in any way then make sure that you always go for natural food. The best thing about eating natural food is that you will not have any fear of having adverse effects at any phase of life. So don’t waste money rather invest it in getting better health conditions.

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