What is a proper PCT after the first cycle of Test E?

What is a proper PCT after the first cycle of Test E?

What is Testosterone Enanthate Test E?

Testosterone enanthate Test E which is also referred as testosterone heptanoate is classified as an anabolic and androgenic steroid which is used by those who want to treat their low levels of testosterone or such diseases which a person suffers from low testosterone. As an anabolic steroid, test E helps to build strong muscles which is a requirement of many bodybuilders before any competition. And being an androgenic steroid, test E enhances male sexual characteristics. This steroid comes in the form of injections. Testosterone enanthate is available under different brand names like Depo-Testosterone, Testosterone Cypionate, etc. It is a prescription-only steroid. This anabolic and androgenic steroid can be used by both males and females. 

What are the uses/benefits of Test E:

A person can get a number of benefits by using Test E 250 mg. Especially the men prefer to buy testosterone enanthate to overcome the deficiency of testosterone. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Those men who lack testosterone can use Test E.
  2. This anabolic steroid is effectively used to treat delayed puberty in boys.
  3. Testosterone enanthate is also used to overcome the problem of impotence.
  4. The problem of hormonal imbalance can be addressed effectively by test E.
  5. Females who suffer from breast cancer which is metastatic or in other words which has spread to other body parts can use Testosterone enanthate as a treatment.
  6. It can also reduce the excess amount of fat from the body due to which bodybuilders who are in cutting phases buy Test E cycle. 

Side effects:

Those who buy steroids UK face a number of side effects which can either be mild or severe. When any anabolic steroid is abused or used in higher doses, it can lead to serious outcomes. Same is the case with testosterone enanthate. Overdose or if used for a long time period, testosterone enanthate can lead to various side effects which are as follows:

  1. A common side effect of testosterone enanthate is abnormal LFTs.
  2. In some cases, use of test E can lead to changes in sexual interests.
  3. It can also cause the breasts to swell.
  4. Some people also report feeling of numbness and tingling sensation while using this steroid.
  5. Use of this steroid can cause headaches.
  6. It can make a person depressed.
  7. It can increase the production of red blood cells.
  8. Another common side effect of test E is male pattern baldness.
  9. Acne.
  10. Prostate specific antigen can also increase.
  11. As it is injected, many people report a hard lump or pain in the injection site.

Who should not use testosterone enanthate?

There are certain conditions in which it is not recommended to use testosterone enanthate which are as follows:

  1. Those who are allergic to testosterone medicine.
  2. It should not be used by ladies who are pregnant.
  3. Do not use test E if you are suffering from severe liver diseases.
  4. People who suffer from heart problems should avoid using this steroid.
  5. Testosterone enanthate should not be used by those who suffer from kidney issues.
  6. Such males who suffer from medical conditions like prostate cancer or breast cancer should avoid using this steroid.

Testosterone enanthate Test E cycles:

Many bodybuilders and athletes use this steroid for the purpose of building muscles and increasing their performance. This steroid has a half-life of approximately 10 days. Those who use Testosterone Enanthate in a cycle can see an increase in their strength within a short time period normally up to 12 weeks. Moreover, they can see significant gains in terms of body mass as well in a short period of time. In a cycle, this steroid can be used either individually or can be used in a combination with other anabolic steroids. In both ways, it gives visible results. Some of the cycles of Test E are as follows:

  1. Beginner Test-E cycle.
  2. Intermediate Test-E cycle.
  3. Advanced Test-E cycle.

In any cycle, it is recommended to use Testosterone Enanthate twice a week. For beginners, the dose per week should be in the range of 250 mg to 500 mg and in case of the intermediate cycle, the dose of Test E should be 700 mg a week. For advanced users, the weekly recommended dose of Testosterone Enanthate should be 1000 mg. While it is highly advised that Test E should not be used by females as a performance-enhancing steroid as this steroid has a high androgenic rating which can lead to adverse outcomes for females. 

What is the importance of post cycle therapy?

Those who use performance-enhancing drugs in a cycle should then go for post-cycle therapy. People often buy PCT UK options to use in the therapy. This therapy helps the user to recover properly and to normalize their levels of hormones which are suppressed during the steroid cycle. So after the cycle is stopped, it is time for the normal production of testosterone to take over again for which it is necessary to start post cycle therapy. There are different drugs which can be used as a post-cycle therapy which include Nolvadex or Tamoxifen, Rebirth, Clomid, etc. Moreover, the duration of such therapy can be up to four weeks and it also depends on the how much the production of hormone was suppressed.

Testosterone enanthate Test E post cycle therapy:

If the user follows a 12-week cycle of test E, it is recommended to keep Aromasin in case need arises. Moreover, the PCT in such a case includes using tamoxifen 20 mg a day and Clomid 100 mg a day. This should be done for first week. In terms of second week to fourth week, it is recommended to use tamoxifen in the dose of 20 mg a day and Clomid in dose of 50 mg a day. And later in weeks five and six the dose of tamoxifen should be 20 mg and 10 mg respectively. And there is no need of HCG.

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