What would Be effect when You Take Anavar and Dianabol at the same time?

What would Be the effect when You Take Anavar And Dianabol at Same Time?

Who should go for this stack | Anavar and Dianabol

Dianabol and Anavar stack will help a person to increase lean muscle mass while reducing or cutting excess fat from the body. Therefore those people who want to get lean muscle mass, this combination will be effective. But for those who want to gain muscles, this combination should be avoided. It is only effective if one wishes to get lean muscles and improve performance and get increased levels of strength. 

Some people find the Dianabol and Anavar combination as an effective one as they can take their bodybuilding to next level as this will help them to train for much longer periods and exert increased strength which will give them muscle gains. 


Dianabol UK or Dbol is categorized as an anabolic steroid which if used regularly can increase the level of testosterone in the body. Increased level of testosterone result in a number of benefits including increasing muscle mass, controls weight indirectly and helping in giving increased levels of energy. As a result of all these benefits associated with the use of Dianabol, people mainly bodybuilders and sportsmen or athletes prefer to buy Dianabol UK to get strength and lean body or muscle at the same time. Dianabol is also referred to as male hormone as it helps to develop male characteristics. Another name of Dianabol is methandrostenolone. 

Benefits of using Dianabol or Dbol:

Benefits of taking Dbol are as follows:

  1. It can help to burn fat.
  2. Helps in muscle growth.
  3. Boosts the level of testosterone in the body.
  4. Muscles can be increased within a short period of time.
  5. Helps to enhance performance.
  6. Dianabol kicks in very fast.
  7. Helps bodybuilders to push heavy weights.
  8. Massive changes can be seen every week by using Dianabol.
  9. Muscles recover faster allowing the weightlifters to handle more weight.

Side effects of Dianabol:

Although Dianabol can give huge gains in a short time period, there are some serious side effects associated with the use of Dianabol which is why this steroid should be taken with care. These side effects include:

  1. Increases blood pressure.
  2. Causes fluid retention.
  3. Decreases sexual performance.
  4. Dianabol can damage the liver.
  5. Use of Dianabol can suppress testosterone.
  6. Can increase the size of male breasts.
  7. Hair loss.
  8. Acne.
  9. Mood fluctuations.


The Anavar UK is the most demanded anabolic steroid by bodybuilders as it helps them to enhance their muscle recovery and gives them lean and hard muscles as Anavar reduces the extra amount of fat from the body. Anavar is also known as oxandrolone and is an oral anabolic steroid. Many athletes buy Anavar UK from black market for the purpose of using it excessively which can lead to drug abuse. 

Benefits of taking Anavar

There are a number of reasons due to which athletes and other people prefer to use Anavar. These include:

  1. Helps in cardio endurance.
  2. Gives hard muscles.
  3. Helps to decrease muscle fatigue.
  4. Increases the count of red blood cells in the body.
  5. Helps to increase the rate of metabolism in the body which results in burning body fat.
  6. Increases nitrogen retention in the body, mainly muscles.
  7. Results can be visible even with small doses.

Side effects of taking Anavar

Some of the common and rare side effects associated with the use of these steroids are as follows:

  1. Virilization in women which can result in the development of masculine characteristics like excessive growth of hairs etc.
  2. Can cause heart issues.
  3. Nausea.
  4. Changes in the color of skin.
  5. High blood pressure.
  6. Oily skin.
  7. Increased or decreased sexual urge.
  8. Liver toxicity.
  9. Vomiting.

Taking Anavar and Dianabol at the same time:

There are a number of steroids for sale which are used by a number of athletes and bodybuilders who prefer to take a combination of steroids or stack different anabolic steroids to get their desired results faster. Combining such steroids in the UK can be dangerous or can result in adverse outcomes. Due to this, it is strongly recommended that only professionals or who are already on steroids for a long time should do the stacking. One such type of combination can be Anavar and Dianabol which can be quite a strange or unusual combination as one steroid is for bulking purposes and the other one that is Anavar is for cutting purposes. However, the combination of these two steroids will not be harsh rather it will be safe as Anavar is a mild steroid which won’t impact liver or other organs. 

Dose of and Anavar and Dianabol combined:

Some people take low doses for a short period of time while others go for a full cycle extending up to eight weeks. Typically stack includes taking Dianabol in the dose of up to 40 mg and Anavar in the dose of 60 mg for a period of not more than six weeks and not less than four weeks for effective results. 

Post cycle therapy (PCT):

Steroids UK can be stacked or combined together to maximize the outcomes. But some of these combinations or stacks require a person to opt for post-cycle therapy to mitigate the side effects of such stacks. Same is the case with Anavar and Dianabol combination after which one should go for post cycle therapy which should either be done by consuming Clomid or Nolvadex. 

Alternative Anavar and Dianabol stack:

As opposed to taking UK Dianabol and UK Anavar which, being anabolic steroids, have a huge list of side effects, people either look to buy steroids UK with less side effects or prefer to go with legal alternatives instead to get maximum results with fewer side effects. This involves taking D-Bal and Anvarol which are alternatives of Dianabol and Anavar respectively. A combination of these two legal supplements will help to increase energy levels and will give extra or increased strength.

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